What is Native Exchange?

Native Exchange is a project of the Tribal Education and Outreach Consortium (TEOC) to provide Tribes with materials about Health Insurance Exchanges and Medicaid Expansion.

Who are we?

Partners in TEOC are:

  • Alaska Native Health Board
  • Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
  • Bemidji Area Tribes
  • California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB)
  • Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB)
  • Oklahoma City Area Inter Tribal Health Board (OCAITHB)
  • United South and Eastern Tribes (USET)

Why this website?

Materials on this website can be adapted to Areas and Tribes by changing the photos and artwork, and even the text. Tribes can add their own contact information to consumer materials. This website also has training materials for Tribes. There are tools for Tribes to be able to make important decisions by estimating the costs and revenues for Tribal sponsorship of individuals purchasing health insurance plans through Health Insurance Exchanges.

Is there a Native American Health Insurance Exchange?

No. The Affordable Care Act creates Health Insurance Exchanges in each State, and the Federal government will operate an Exchange in States that do not want to do so. There is no provision in the Affordable Care Act for Tribes to create a Health Insurance Exchange. The logo “Native Exchange” used for this project is meant to indicate that information here is intended to educate Native Americans about Health Insurance Exchanges.